Ancient education, modern opportunities

Emily Isakson '19

Emily Isakson - Ancient Studies Major - Class of 2019

My ancient studies major has propelled me into the world of archaeology and material culture. I am currently attending graduate school in NYC where I study decorative arts, design, history, and material culture at Bard Graduate Center. My goal is one day to be a museum curator. My MHC major helped me to stand out among my peers during the BGC application process. I am the only student in my year at BGC with classical, archaeological, and art historical experience. Also, thanks to a semester in Siena and the study of Italian at MHC I passed Bard’s language entry exam. I have continued to pursue interests formed at MHC. I have been closely studying bronze making processes among other topics. Other experiences at MHC that helped to shape my path were working in the Archives & Special Collections and studying in the Museum Studies Program in Siena, Italy. These experiences fostered my interests in material culture and living history. This coming summer, I will intern at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD where I will work with the Associate Curator for the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean on a glass exhibition.