Where science meets Wall Street...

Liz MacLauchlan ’13

Cristina Ghenoiu ’04

Biotech Equity Research Associate, Cowen & Company

Academic focus: biochemistry

Research Group: Gomez Lab

Advanced degree: Ph.D.

The position of biotech equity analyst is a unique combination of science, medicine, and finance. For part of this position, I follow the progress of public biotechnology companies and make stock recommendations to institutional investor clients.

It involves acquiring expertise in a broad range of disciplines, both scientific (gaining in-depth knowledge of therapeutic areas pursued by covered companies, drug mechanisms and their associated safety/efficacy profiles, clinical trial design strategies, etc.) and non-scientific (analyzing intellectual property rights, financial status, market opportunities, etc.).

The product of our work is first and foremost good investment ideas. Analyzing the latest breakthroughs in the scientific and medical world is truly part of my everyday job and I find that to be exhilarating.

There is no formal training for becoming a biotech equity research analyst. However, I owe my scientific success and my ability to rapidly learn new concepts and to critically analyze data to my Mount Holyoke education.

In particular, I consider that the rigorous and yet "out-of-the-box" training, that I received from the exceptional faculty in the chemistry, biochemistry and biology departments at Mount Holyoke, provided me with a strong scientific foundation on which to build an exciting and rewarding career.