Graduate Student Financial Responsibilities and Financial Aid

Payment of Bill

Graduate student tuition billing statements are issued approximately a month before each term starts. Payment is due by the first day of the term. If you haven’t paid or made arrangements to pay, you will be automatically dropped from your courses on the last day of the drop/add period. Billing schedules and deadlines for graduate students are determined annually. Please see the website for information for this academic year.

Statements are available online through the TouchNet system. Emails are sent to Mount Holyoke email addresses announcing the new statement. Monthly statements are published in TouchNet for any student who has had any account activity in the past month or has a balance due. Students are required to monitor Mount Holyoke College email accounts for notices.

Students can assign authorized users to view and pay the tuition and related charges by setting them up online using a valid email address. Instructions for paying tuition and related charges are available.

Students with a significant past-due balance may be withdrawn from the College for financial reasons. Student will receive an email warning prior to withdrawal.

Students have an opportunity to enroll in a monthly payment plan for the semester. The plan is available online. There is a fee to enroll in the plan. A $25 fee is charged if the installment is paid late. If two months’ payments are missed, the plan will be canceled and the balance will be due in full. More information about the monthly payment plan is available.

The balance must be paid in full by the due date unless the student is enrolled in the monthly payment plan. A 1% late fee is applied monthly to any past-due balance.

Financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, and loans will reduce the amount due. Financial aid is pending until all application requirements have been met. Once all requirements have been met and the term has begun, financial aid can be disbursed to the student account according to the Student Financial Services’ disbursement schedule. If required documents are not received in a timely manner, then the balance will be due in full and a hold will be placed on the student account.

A hold on a student account means that the student cannot register for classes or receive transcripts.

Important Financial Aid Policies

Financial Aid Application

Domestic students — U.S. citizens, permanent residents, undocumented and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students — must apply each year to be considered for need-based financial aid. Information about financial aid application deadlines and requirements is available. Student-specific application requirements are made available via the student’s financial aid online account.

International students seeking financial aid apply at the time of admission.

Requests for Reconsideration

Student Financial Services accepts requests for reconsideration of the family contribution under certain circumstances. Please refer to the Request for Reconsideration form for additional information about this process.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Eligibility for financial aid for graduate students is contingent on maintaining a satisfactory academic record, according to the standards described in the Mount Holyoke College Bulletin and Course Catalog under the academic regulations section: Students who lose federal or institutional funding due to not making satisfactory academic progress may appeal to have their aid reinstated by following the instructions available.

Merit Scholarships and Non-need-based Aid

Scholarship and fellowship funding for graduate students is awarded by Mount Holyoke Professional and Graduate Education (PaGE). More information about these opportunities may be found on the funding your education page.

Outside Scholarships

Per College and federal policy, any outside scholarships received are considered part of the student's financial aid package and may impact eligibility for other forms of aid. When this is the case, outside scholarships will be applied toward reducing the student’s self-help (student loan and student employment) included in the original financial aid package. Any funds that exceed the total self-help will reduce College need-based grants. Mount Holyoke’s complete outside scholarship policy is available.

Refunds: Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence

If a student withdraws or takes a leave of absence, the official withdrawal or leave date will be determined based on the date of formal request. Students will be refunded 100% of their previously paid tuition,if the official leave/withdrawal date is before the first day of classes. The student retains that semester of financial aid eligibility to use upon their return to the College.

When a student withdraws or takes a leave of absence after the semester has started, Student Financial Services (SFS) is notified by the Professional and Graduate Education division of the official withdrawal or leave date. For students receiving federal student aid, SFS then completes a federal return to Title IV computation and state aid adjustment, if required. If a student is a recipient of financial aid from the College, SFS also completes an institutional financial aid withdrawal worksheet taking into account 1) any Title IV funds that will be returned as unearned and 2) the College’s refund schedule for adjusting billed charges. Financial aid is adjusted and the remaining credit, or balance due, is determined accordingly. In this case, the semester counts as a semester of financial aid used. More information about these calculations may be found on the refund policy page.