HCC Complaint Form

Complete this form for online submission to the Honor Code Council at the Dean of Student’s Office. Complaints must be received within fourteen days, or a reasonable period, from the alleged violation.  In situations where the actual time the alleged violation occurred is unknown, a case must be filed within fourteen days, or a reasonable period, from when you received knowledge of the alleged violation.  Both you (the Complainant) and the Respondent will receive written acknowledgment of the Council's receipt of this complaint form. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in this matter. 

Please note a copy of this form and documents submitted supporting the charges below will be shared with the hearing board member and the person(s) the charge is against.

Any questions and supplementary materials can be directed to hcc@mtholyoke.edu.

Please reference any college policies pertaining to the alleged violation.
Please know that the resolution you seek may not be the one determined by the Council Hearing Board. All sanctions are at the discretion of the Hearing Board.
Confidential- For Honor Code Council Use Only