A Day at MHC: Tess Tuitoek

Class: senior
Hometown: Nakuru, Kenya
Major: self-designed major in global development and entrepreneurship


“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it wherever you go. And I’ll always carry Mount Holyoke with me forever.”

Left: Creighton Hall; Right: the Community Center

8:00 am: I always wake up around 8 am, do my skin-care morning routine and some stretches to get the day going.   

8:30 am: I then walk over from Creighton to the Community Center to grab some breakfast. This morning I got some french toast and some milk to add to my Kenyan tea that I always make every morning.    

9:30 am: After I have my breakfast, I take a shower before my first class. At 9:30 am I sit on my study table for my first class, which is Political Ecology in the environmental studies department. This class is honestly one of the most enlightening classes I’ve taken so far.

Left: Mary Lyon hall clocktower; right: bushes covered in snow

11:00 am: I take a walk before my next class, to get some fresh air. I walk around the clock tower and take some photos for my Instagram. It’s my favorite building on campus.   

12:45 pm: I get back on my study table for my NGOs and Civil Society Class, a class in the politics department.

A laptop open with readings displayed on the screen; above the laptop a window looks out over a lake

3:00 pm: After my class, I take some time to do my readings for my reading response assignment as well as to prepare for my next class. From my study table I have a view of Lower Lake from my window, which is so cool and calming.


Left: the outside of Kendall fitness center; Right: Tess Tuitoek takes a selfie through the mirror inside Kendall fitness center among the exercise equipment

5:00 pm: Around 5 o’clock I walk over to the gym at Kendall Fitness Center to work out before dinner. All activities in Kendall are safe for students and there’s social distancing as well as a mandatory mask requirement while working out.  

6:00 pm: After my workout session, I head to Blanchard again to grab some dinner. Today I had some Chicken tikka masala from the Halal station with some rice and vegetables. There was also a desert spread at the entrance and the deserts included tiramisu cups and fruit tarts.    

7:00 pm: After dinner, I take another shower and listen to some music while continuing with my readings for class. It’s nice to unwind from a long day.

Left: the cover of the movie "To All the Boys"; Right: a bed in a students room

9:00 pm: I get ready for bed and watch a romantic comedy movie before bed. (They’re my favorite type of movie to watch.)   

11:00 pm: I fall asleep.   


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