Photo of the inside of the new Dining Commons

Food plays an important part of life on campus, and Mount Holyoke offers a wide variety of eating options.

The MHC Dining Commons includes made-to-order wok dishes.


Dining Services offers a comprehensive board program and an extensive menu at our Dining Commons.


Photo of the Grab 'n Go

Grab 'n Go

Located in the Blanchard Campus Center, this option offers students a quick meal to take with them. It features a variety of hot and cold foods, such as sandwiches, salads, soup and a yogurt bar.

Also available are assorted snacks, beverages and convenience items.

Photo of a student employee working behind the counter at the Library Cafe

The Frances Perk Café

Located in the Williston Library, the Frances Perk café features local organic Indigo coffee and Teatulia teas. There are fresh baked desserts and pastries made in the college campus bakery. 

Photo of a student with a meal at the Cochary Pub

The Cochary Pub & Kitchen

Located in the Blanchard Campus Center, the Pub serves fresh baked desserts and pastries from our campus bakery.

It features Pierce Brothers locally produced coffee, Teatulia teas, delicious smoothies and milkshakes. Lunch and dinner options focus on locally sourced foods.

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