Social Life

If you're like most students considering a women's college, you may be wondering, “Will it be strange or weird? Will I have fun? What about guys?”

We're happy to report that Mount Holyoke students consistently score very high on the happiness scale in national and regional surveys. The key, we think, is balance. MHC students may be serious about their academic success, but they also love to have fun.

At some point just about everyone will check out the Five College party scene. However, the vast majority of our students discover that social life means a lot more than partying and guys. It also means forming really strong friendships. It means getting involved and being a leader.

Our alumnae tell us this all the time, and it’s worth repeating. The friendships you form through your residence hall, activities, teams, courses, and yes, even parties could turn out to be the most rewarding and enduring outcome of your Mount Holyoke education.

Social Fun