Directions to Blanchard

Blanchard Campus Center Unloading Directions

To Find the campus center, enter campus through the redstone MHC signature gate. Take your first right towards the center of campus, you'll be facing Blanchard Campus Center and Skinner Green.

Commercial Loading/Unloading

There is a 30 minute parking space on Blanchard Circle for active “Commercial Loading/Unloading.” You have three options for unloading:

  • use the ramped entrance on the Skinner Green side, or
  • use the loading dock in the back on the lake side of the building, or
  • use the "stage door" of the Great Room (under the cupola)

Unloading Vendor Merchandise into Blanchard Atrium

  • Unload on the street in the space marked “30 minute Commercial Unloading.”
  • Bring merchandise up the patio ramp into the main level of the campus center.
  • The Vendor Corner is to your left (The Information Desk can answer questions).
  • Pick up a Faculty/Staff parking pass from Student Programs, Room 327 (top of the stairs) so that you may park for the day.

Unloading Gear for stage events in Blanchard

  • From Route 116, turn at the blinking yellow light onto Morgan Street (south end of campus).
  • Take 1st left onto Lower Lake Road, pass the Pratt Music Building, you'll see Lower lake on your right, and just ahead you will see Blanchard Campus Center on your left.
  • With the utmost care, drive slowly up the blacktop path to the South Side of the Great Room (large glass extension). Park, using flashers, at the double glass doors.
  • You will be required to re-park your vehicle immediately after unloading. Ask your sponsor for information.

Visitor Vehicle Parking is in the nearby Pratt or Prospect parking lots, on the lower side of Lower Lake Road, a 2 minute walk.

Directions to the main campus.