About Chapin

Student organizations and MHC departments are eligible to use Chapin auditorium free of charge within the established guidelines. There will be additional costs if special services are needed (i.e., electrician, general laborers, custodians, Campus Police officers, etc).

Independent Promoters and Off-Campus Clients can arrange to lease the facility for events appropriate for the venue. Chapin Auditorium is managed by the Office of Student Programs during the academic calendar. MHC Conference & Events Services oversees the use of these facilities during the summer session, and academic breaks. Staging, production, and technical services are provided by Student Programs Professional Staff, and a student Tech Crew and/or approved local professional stage hands as hired by recommendation of the Student Programs Office.

Anyone desiring to use the facility must contact the Technical Director of Student Programs. If for any reason a scheduled event needs to be canceled, the Conference and Events Scheduler must be contacted immediately. The event sponsor may be billed for services requested if the reservation is cancelled less than 13 business days prior to the event.


Total Max. Seating is 1,126 persons
Orchestra - 589 (re-moveable seating)
1st balcony - 405 (fixed seating)
2nd balcony - 132 (fixed seating)

Max. capacity, open floor & balcony seating: 1,350
Main floor set up for banquets & similar: 250

Set-up and Personnel Requirements

Arrangements must be made a minimum of 14 days in advance of an event, with the Director of Student Programs to use Chapin Auditorium. For events with particular sound and lighting requirements (especially off-campus performance groups with contract riders) organizations must discuss details with the Technical Director of Student Programs well in advance. Approval of the technical requirement and review of all contract terms by the Technical Director of Student Programs must be obtained before any contract is signed.

All contracts must be signed by the Technical Director. Allow sufficient time in your event planning for contract review and negotiation by professional college staff.

Only the Technical Director and the student technical staff may use/access the sound and light equipment and the controls activated from the control booth. For these reasons, the Director or technical staff must be present at all technical rehearsals and performances which require the full running crew. An electrician may also be required for initial set-up of extensive requirements.

If tables, platforms, podiums, etc. are needed from Facilities Management, a diagram should be attached to the Reservation form with measurements indicating placement and the name of the person designing the services. Charges apply for Chapin set-ups including placement of auditorium seating. There is no set-up charge for use of the facility configured as an open floor with chairs on the perimeter only.

Clean Up

Returning Chapin Auditorium to its normal state is the responsibility of the users and must be completed immediately after the end of the event. Technical staff may be required to supervise efforts. This includes the auditorium area, chairs & tables moved by user, all decorations, props, set, etc. Event coordinators should also arrange for a clean-up committee following any large event in the auditorium. Additionally, it is also required that Facilities Department staff professionally clean the public areas of Mary Woolley following such events. Costs will vary. If satisfactory clean-up is not performed as described, the sponsoring organization will incur additional overtime charges as a result of the necessary Facilities labor.


Chapin Auditorium first floor is wheelchair accessible via an elevator on the South East Corner of Mary Woolley Hall, and it is easy for us to make accommodations for a chair within our regular seating area (the house furniture on the main level is moveable). Accessible Parking is adjacent to the elevator door.

Program planners should ask for advice on arranging for special audience needs (wheelchair sections, sign language interpreters, assisted listening devices, etc). Note: Our Chapin stage is not wheelchair accessible without the installation of temporary custom modifications.