Venue Availability

The ability to reserve Chapin for the following academic year begins after Spring Break of the year previous. Programmers may request up to two tentative reservations for the same event. Staged events may also reserve rehearsal time during the week prior, and are typically granted at least one pre-tech rehearsal, and one full Tech Rehearsal. For Saturday night presentations, the Friday prior may only be tentatively reserved for rehearsal. Friday night rehearsals may be “bumped” with two weeks notice by a request that demonstrates need of the venue.

The reservation of the venue does not automatically guarantee the use of any equipment and or staffing requested for the production, but rather comes with a “good faith” guarantee from the Student Programs Office to meet requests to the best of their available staffing and equipment resources. Presenters must be ready to address remaining production needs from their own resources, possibly including the rental of equipment and/or contracting of outside services approved to work in the venues.

Presenters may be subject to rental or use fees for college services and equipment depending upon the nature of the requests (ask for a current rate card). These fees will be billed directly to the sponsors.

Trained college personnel are required to be present when any of the equipment (other than House lights) in these venues is in use. Sponsoring groups will be held fiscally accountable for damages to any furniture or equipment within the venue during their use and/or reservation time. Cancellation of unwanted reservations must happen promptly to free up the space for others.

To make tentative space reservations, subject to approval, contact Conferences and Events Services, x2153.

For additional technical information about Chapin Auditorium contact Tim Dietrick, Technical Director of the Office of Student Programs.