Beer & Wine Service at Registered Student Events

Dining Services along with the Willits-Hallowell Center are the only authorized dispensers of alcoholic beverages at student events on campus. They can be contracted to provide services for functions that are sponsored by college organizations, and departments.

For Blanchard and Chapin events wishing to serve alcohol, Registered Student Organization planners must discuss their requests with Mark Garner, Assistant Director of Blanchard Dining Services (ext. 2522) at least 14 days prior to their event. Events in Chapin and other locations require an additional permit from the town and can take up to 3 weeks to secure. For events catered by Willits-Hallowell, please contact Catering Services (ext. 2285). These services are NOT available in Residence Halls for student events. Sponsors of student events need to complete a Student Programs Event Registration Form (ERF) before placing any Beer & Wine service requests.

Charges for Blanchard Campus Center and Chapin Hall beverage service are as follows:

Two Bartenders must be hired @ $22.00 per hour –for a minimum of 4 hours (min. total $176.00)
Chapin (and locations other than Blanchard) require a “Day Beer & Wine” license from the town which adds an additional cost of $30.00. To obtain this license, there is a 2-week deadline prior to the event.

What is available?

The Alcohol Service License issued by the Town of South Hadley to our certified servers allows the sale of beer & wine only.

  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade –your cost-$1.50 – sell @ $3.00
  • Wine – Red, White & Blush – your cost- $32.00 per 1.5 liter bottle (8-9 servings) – 6oz glass sell @ $4.00
  • Sparkling Wines – ask for pricing.
  • Beer - $70.00 per ¼ keg tapped (approx. 85, 10oz.cups) – sell at $1-$2.00
  • Soft drinks - ask for pricing.

Prices include the state sales tax of 6.25%. Event Sponsors are billed for all product once it is opened at the event. Dining Services will work with you to make decisions that keep waste and associated costs to a minimum. All proceeds at the bar will be applied first to your service and goods bill. Profit, if any will be credited to your org account. Deficits will be billed directly to your account. Your treasurer must know to anticipate these expenditures and be prepared to cover the costs.

Most campus center events do not turn significant profit from beverage sales; please feel invited to discuss the pros and cons of having bartending at your events with the Dining Services Assistant Director or folks in Student Programs before contracting the service.

Responsibilities & Procedures for Bartenders and Event Staff

  • Bartending Staff will ID those who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages. (A Massachusetts’s driver’s license or two picture ID’s must be shown.) Acceptance of duplicate licenses will be up the bartender. Any form of ID that appears to have been tampered with will not be accepted. Those with positive proof of ID will be wrist banded. Only persons who are wearing wristbands issued by the bartenders will be served alcohol. No one under the age of 21 years of age will be served.
  • Event captains must make arrangements to have bartending staff at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • The name and phone number of the Event Captains or 2 persons responsible for overseeing the function are required to be on file with the Bartending contract. These students will be the main contact for the Bartenders if any problems should arise. It is up to the Event Captains and the Student Event Staff to help with the enforcement of all alcohol and event polices and procedures.
  • The responsible students should plan to greet bartending staff approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of the social event. At this time, the staff will police the area and check for unauthorized alcoholic beverages. Set up of beverage services will not take place if it appears as though students have already had too much to drink or refuse to eliminate unauthorized alcoholic beverages. Bartending staff will shut down beverage service that it feels is a liability to itself, the students or the College.
  • All alcohol must stay on the premises. No unfinished kegs or wine or alcoholic beverages may leave the designated event area.

Hours of Service

Sale of alcohol will begin at your advertised start time and conclude One (1) hour prior to the end of the event. 15 minutes before the end of the event all alcohol will be cleared and confiscated. No alcohol may be present after 1:45am. Music may continue to play and Campus Police will remain. All Friday and Saturday functions must end by 2:00am and premises cleared, of all guests except the working event clean-up crew. (Sun -Thurs night event curfew is 1pm).

You will be asked to complete and sign the Bartending Services Statement when you contract your bartending services.