Chalking & Postering

Chalking Policy

Please keep our campus beautiful. No chalking on any buildings, brick, stone, or where the rain doesn’t fall! Chalk only on asphalt surfaces exposed to the sky!

Mount Holyoke allows chalking on campus only under the following guidelines. Individuals will be held responsible for any damage and/or clean up if these guidelines are not followed.

  • Chalking may be done only on asphalt roads and walkways
  • Only erasable chalk may be used (grease-based chalk is not permitted).
  • Absolutely no chalking on any brick or building surface.
  • No chalking in any area that is protected from rain.
  • Chalking must include the name of the person or sponsoring group.
  • All chalking must be appropriate for the general public, including children and other campus guests. Please be respectful and use common sense.

Posting Policy

Flyers and posters are important means of publicizing events at MHC. Bulletin boards are located around campus, including several in Blanchard, the entrance to the library, residence halls, and in each academic and administrative building. Except for the academic and business office bulletin boards, all are available for general use, according to posted guidelines.

Additionally, mobile display panels (rolling bulletin boards) can be reserved through the Office of Student Programs for temporary, exclusive use in Blanchard Campus Center (they can not be taken outside).

When posting and designing publicity material, consider how various members of the College community might respond to the content and appearance of your advertisement. Think inclusively!

Premature removal or altering of other people’s postings is a breach of the Mount Holyoke College Honor Code.

Post only on tackable surfaces intended for this purpose.

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