Contracts & Waivers

Contracts for Services and Presenters

If you are planning on hiring any service, including DJs, performers or lecturers, you will need to have a completed MHC contract, signed by a professional member of Student Programs in order to get an SGA Business Office check. A standard Mount Holyoke contract must be completed for all performers and services; blank standard contracts are available at Student Programs. An MHC contract must be completed in addition to any contract provided by the artist or service. The MHC Contract has specific legal terms that minimize risk for the college and protect you from personal liability.

ALL contracts committing any college and/or SGA funds, any campus venue(s) and/or any campus services MUST be reviewed and co-signed by a professional staff members of Student Programs. Student signatures are not sufficient.

A contract is a useful document that clearly states the terms of any arrangement, to be signed by both parties. Contracts put everything in writing so the agreement is clear to all involved. Once signed, the agreement is binding.

Contracts reflect the terms of a negotiated agreement. It is very common for proposed contract terms to be altered prior to signing, even if the terms are presented in writing and even if they are described as 'standard.' A good contract protects both you and the college from liability and serves as a tool to clarify the terms of the agreement.

Please do NOT sign any contract without consulting with experienced contract negotiators in Student Programs.

For efficiency, convenience, and consistency Student Programs has drafted several versions of useful MHC contracts. They are available in the Office of Student Programs. Please be sure to use the one best suited for your needs. MHC approved contracts must be used in all hiring/contracting situations and take precedence over any contracts that vendors or performers might supply to you.

Contract paper work should be completed as early as possible, ideally no later than 30 days prior to your event.

For your convenience you may FAX contracts to and from our office. 413-538-2431

See also the information about negotiation with performers and presenters.


Events which include group travel, high risk activities, legal collaborations and co-sponsorships,  or commitments of large sums of student organization funds may require specific college approved Risk Management Waivers. Specifics should be discussed with the Director of Student Programs.