Contracts & Waivers


If you are planning on hiring any service or performer, including DJs, presenters or lecturers, you must complete a standard MHC contract. Student Involvement has a number of standard contracts that have been created to ensure you are protected from liability and will help create a positive relationship with the vendor or entertainers. Work with us directly when filling out the contract and remember that all contracts MUST be reviewed and signed by a Student Involvement professional staff member, student signatures are not sufficient. 

Steps to contract an entertainer or vendor:

  • Ensure you have the amount the entertainer or vendor is asking for in your budget before proceeding with anything!
  • Contact Student Involvement to obtain the appropriate contract (there are different contracts that must be used depending on the entertainer or vendor you are working with)
  • Fill out the contract to the best of your ability and submit to Student Involvement for review
  • Once Student Involvement has approved, send to entertainer/vendor
  • Once entertainer/vendor has signed and submitted all supplemental materials (as needed), return to Student Involvement for professional staff signature
  • Make a copy and file contract in a safe location

To Note:

  • An MHC contract must be completed in addition to any contract provided by the artist or service and take precedence over any contracts that vendors or performers might supply to you. If an entertainer or vendor sends you a contract, immediately forward to Student Involvement for review and staff signature.
  • Contract paper work should be completed as early as possible, ideally no later than 30 days prior to your event.
  • Any vendor you are contracting with must also supply a Certificate of Insurance. COIs are not needed for artists or performers.
  • In order to process payment, the SGA Student Business Office requires that every contract of a United States citizen be accompanied by a federal IRS W9 Form.
  • International Presenters must be considered on a case by case basis to evaluate visa requirements. Several weeks and sometimes months can be needed for this process, be in touch with our office early!
  • Contracts may be faxed directly to Student Involvement at 413-538-2431.

If you would like support in negotiating a contract or want to learn more about the contract process, see the Student Organization Handbook.


Events which include group travel, high risk activities, legal collaborations and co-sponsorships,  or commitments of large sums of student organization funds may require specific college approved Risk Management Waivers. Specifics should be discussed with the Director of Student Involvement.