DJ Policies


When planning an event that will have a DJ you have a few options:

Hiring a WMHC DJ

You do so directly with the student radio station. Contact the WMHC Promotions Director. Remember that requesting the service must be followed up with confirmation of the arrangements - Don't assume because you requested a DJ, that you have a DJ! When trained WMHC DJ's are hired to spin for you in the Great Room, they are allowed to use the Student Programs equipment at no charge. Your group pays to the radio station the agreed upon fee ( in the neighborhood of $100) for their staffing and music services. Your group should submit playlist requests and/or genre suggestions to the WMHC DJ in advance so they can plan to bring the music you most want to hear! This will give them time to let you know if they have or don't have your favorites. The WMHC DJ should contact Student Programs to make appropriate gear arrangements. When WMHC DJs in other locations they make arrangements to supply their own gear, at an additional charge.

Contracting a Professional DJ

ALL DJ's must sign (in advance) a legal MHC contract to perform on campus. Contracts committing college funds must be co-signed by a professional staff member. You must do this in advance of advertising your events so that we can help you avoid contract problems! See Contracts page for more information. When professional DJs are hired they should be contracted to bring all of their own sound gear. You should expect to pay between $300 and $500, but beware a higher price is not always a measure of higher quality. On some rare occasions we have made arrangements to supplement some sound gear (ie: DJs traveling from out of state, DJs being paid less than $200). If you contract DJs to bring any special lighting or effects (like hazers, etc.), they must speak directly with Kris or John in Student Programs for approval of equipment.

It should never be assumed that college sound gear is available without prior advance (14 day) arrangements with Student Programs.

Informal "DJ-ing" of Your Own Party

For registered events in Blanchard, Stage Crew will, free of charge, train a fellow student on the non-professional use of a basic 2 CD player DJ unit or laptop/ipod connection to the house system if you prefer to bring your own tunes and go that route. Results are admittedly less professional but it gives you an option for hosting a lower cost event.
You should be careful to check the quality of your CD's before the night of the party to make sure the CD player can read them and that they do not skip. Laptops and Ipods must have headphone-out jacks in excellent condition - if they are starting to wear out the sound system will amplify the distortion.

Make arrangements with Student Programs 14 days prior to your event.

Student Programs maintains a contact list in our office of many area DJ's, and is always interested in adding your feedback or new contacts to it.

Dance Party Lights

Student Programs and its Stage Crew will provide free of charge to properly registered student events the lighting that we own for your dance/party events in Blanchard Great Room and Chapin Auditorium. Different systems are available in each location - discuss specifics with us.

If you want more extensive lighting packages you need to contract for them through your DJ or a separate rental company, and must discuss the specifics with our office ahead of time. (Note: sorry, but most hazers and foggers are not approved for the fire system in Blanchard or Chapin without incurring significant extra fire marshall costs). Please contact us if you have other questions or concerns as you are making your dance party plans.