Greening Your Event

Bottled Water

When you can, offer pitchers of tap water, and compostable cups to your guests and presenters instead of wasteful disposable water bottles (with lousy tasting water!). At outdoor events when you want to encourage folks to stay hydrated, promote the use of refillable water containers, by having a large water supply for refilling available to them.


MHC has an extensive and well-conceived recycling program. You can request easily identifiable recycling bins for all of your events.

Printed Materials

When printing programs for an event, consider printing enough for only 1/2 or 1/3 of the audience and ask ushers to encourage guests to share the program (and of course to recycle them on the way out). If you have multiple nights of a show - create a collection spot on the way out to re-use as many programs as possible. If the elements of the program (program line-up, thank you to sponsors, etc.) are simple enough to put up on 1 or 2 easel boards, consider that strategy instead of individually printed programs. And of course print on recycled paper.

Eco-Friendly Shopping

Most events require some shopping for decorations, props, costumes, lights, etc. Shop smartly!

  • Look for durable & reusable products with minimal packaging.
  • Consider ways that you can share items with other orgs for multiple events, reducing waste and cutting costs.
  • See the section on Eco-friendly Biodegradable Dining Ware above.

Food for your event

Exercise green planning when designing your food and snack menus, making purchases, and cleaning up.

  • Look for locally grown & seasonably available foods when at the store.
  • Purchase conservative quantitites to reduce waste.
  • Use compostable serviceware (see above) and compost all food waste.

Closing up and Cleaning Up your Space

  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed against drafts.
  • Turn off all electrical equipment and lights if you are the last one out of a room.
  • Find a public recycling area in the building for all bottles/cans, paper and boxes.
  • Burn Calories, Not Kilowatts: Use the stairs, not the elevator whenever possible.
  • Don't use automatic door openers unless you need to.
  • Don't leave vehicles idling while loading and unloading gear.

Publicity Campaigns

Take advantage of the burgeoning opportunities to promote your events electronically and use mainly paperless methods.

  • Facebook groups and ads.
  • Direct messaging via e-mail to specific audiences - don't become a spammer that folks will just ignore.
  • Be sure your event is properly registered and you request a listing on the MHC Master Calendar and the 5 College Calendar.
  • Shout outs: Stand up in the Dining Hall and announce your upcoming event. Ask for time at the mic before another event gets started. Ask for permission to make an announcement in class or post your info on a classroom blackboard.
  • Go door to door with a group from your event team to personally invite students, staff or faculty to your program.
  • Chalk the sidewalks with colorful ads.
  • Use as much recycled material as possible.
  • Design banners to be re-used if at all possible (add the date on a banner as an attachment for repeating events).
  • Print flyers and table tents for a series of programs instead of just one.

Invite Green Partners to Co-Sponsor Your Event

If you are truly committed to "Going Green" with your event, consider inviting some of the Green Partner orgs and departments on campus to co-sponsor your program. Expect to be challenged to really 'green up' but also expect additional enthusiasm, expertise and innovative ideas to become a part of your program. Take on the challenge! Host a Green Event.

Thank you to the MHC Miller Worley Center for the Environment and the Office of Environmental Stewardship for their information and resources.