Marketing and Publicity

When you first began your event design plans hopefully you were thoughtful about who you hoped would attend your program. Now that you have your budget worked out and your reservations and contracts prepared, you have to make sure your audience knows about the event. 

Making a Publicity Plan

Be sure you have a clear and effective name and “look” for the material that will announce your event. Before reproducing and distributing any materials, give it the test…an extra set of eyes/ears. Look at the promotional materials as if you were someone who knew absolutely nothing about the upcoming event or have a friend or advisor who have not been directly involved in your event planning to look over your materials. Does the image/wording/audio track of the advertising get its message across to you clearly?

Have you remembered to include the WHAT / WHERE / WHEN / WHO and the Contact and Sponsor info for your event? If you have a website with more info, have you included the address on all of your materials? 

Some Marketing Options Include:

  • Tabling outside the Dining Commons
  • Submitting poster images to Student Involvement for display on digital signs in Blanchard Hall
  • Flyering on campus
  • Chalking
  • Social Media
  • Word Out! (All public registered student events automatically get added to Word Out!)
  • Org Overthrow (work with Student Involvement)

You are responsible for knowing all Marketing Policies - found in the Marketing & Promotion Section of the Student Organization Handbook.