MHC Student Event Registration Form (the ERF)

Fields marked with an asterisk* are required.

An "ERF" - Event Registration Form - is required for all student sponsored events except simple meetings or an SPE (small private event in the Res. Halls).

This form must be completed for all student-sponsored events, with the exception of meetings and Small Private Events in the Residence Halls. This ERF is designed to help event planners attend to most of the important event specifics, and order related services. If you're new to event planning or working on a new initiative please consult with the staff in Student Programs for assistance early in the planning process. Failure to submit this form by the 14-day advance deadline will result in a mandatory cancellation of the event.

The process that student organizations follow to book an event is a little different than the process for campus departments. Note also that Students and Student Orgs can host events only during the academic year - from the first day of classes to the last of each semester.

Following these steps ensures you the best campus services and we hope a stress reduced program planning experience. Gatherings and events that are not meetings (nor SPE's) must complete the Event Registration Form (ERF).

Step 1

You need a TENTATIVE space reservation (and reservation number) to register an event in a campus venue. If you have not already done so, contact the Event Services Office by completing the Campus Space Request Form.

Step 2

Complete this ERF to confirm your reservation and register your event. If submitted on time (14-days in advance) your form will be reviewed by the student programs event coordinator. You will receive an email confirmation once the form has been processed.

Step 3

Treasurer Event Budget Page: Print, outline your budget, obtain necessary signatures and submit the completed form in person to the Office of Student Programs (Blanchard 327) M-F, 9-4.

NOTE: This form is required, it is also meant to be used as a planning tool and you should complete each section, as best as you can. Red asterisks ( * ) indicate required fields our office needs from your initial submission. If you come across portions of the form which you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to email Student Programs or 413-538-2478.

Attention to Inclusiveness
It is important to plan an event that is welcoming to members of our diverse campus. We encourage you to look at tips for planning an inclusive event. Your event may qualify for Inclusiveness Initiative Funding.