MHC Student Event Registration Form (the ERF)

An "ERF" - Event Registration Form - is required for all student sponsored events (except simple meetings and small private floor events in the Residence Halls).

If you are new to event planning or working on a new initiative please consult with the staff in Student Programs for assistance early in the planning process. This ERF is designed to help event planners cover necessary event planning details. Following these steps ensures you the best campus services and we hope a stress reduced program planning experience. 

Failure to submit this form by the 14-day advance deadline will result in a mandatory cancellation of the event.

Before you begin, you will need...

1. Your TENTATIVE Space Reservation Number. You get this number from Conference and Event Services in an email after you have completed the Campus Space Request Form.

2. A solid Budgeting Plan. The budget for your event is the responsibility of the whole planning team, but the Treasurer holds specific responsibility in making certain that org. funds are managed properly. We have outlined some of the common budgeting concerns for event planners in "Designing Your Event: Budgeting your Human and Financial Resources".

If your org has a new Treasurer who needs to learn the ropes about the SGA Business OfficeSGA Funding, or other Treasurer responsibilities and skills you must connect with your SGA Ways ands Means Representative before registering your event.

PLEASE don't hesitate to meet with Student Programs professional staff members for advising on any aspect of your event planning!  

We are here to help. 

Complete the REQUIRED online Event Registration Form (ERF) to confirm your reservation and register your event. 

If submitted on time (14-days in advance) your form will be reviewed by the student programs event coordinator. You will receive an email confirmation once the form has been processed.

NOTE: If you come across portions of the form which you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to email Student Programs for assistance.