Meeting Room Reservations

Scheduling Meetings

For simple meetings that meet the criteria below you need only complete the Campus Space Request Form on the Event Services Web site (allow 3 business days).  Cultural Centers are also included in this process for simple meetings, but require Event Registration Forms (ERF's) filed with Student Programs for more substantial events, and have some additional criteria for event approval.

An 'ERF' does not need to be filed if the meeting is:

  • sponsored by a campus department or registered student organization
  • expected to be less than 35 people, gathering for the purpose of a meeting or similar (as opposed to a social event or entertainment program offering)
  • not in need of any custom event services such as additional media services, catering, custodial, Campus Police, or equipment from the Facilities Management stockroom (unless there is 14 day lead time).

NOTE: postings to the MHC Events Calendar or Five College Calendar will be done only if lead time allows.