SPE Request Form

Your Request for an SPE can be entered on the webform below. Plan ahead! The SPE request must be received no later than Tuesday morning prior to the weekend of your proposed SPE; earlier is better. Please allow for two business days for the desired building's Area Coordinator to process your request.

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  • We, as responsible hosts, understand that this event is not approved until we receive an e-mail confirmation from the Office of Residential Life.
  • We will ensure that the space we are approved to use will be left clean and any/all furniture returned to its original configuration.
  • We assume full responsibility for informing our guests of the College policies, procedures and community expectations.
  • We understand that we will be held responsible for the behavior of our guests.
  • We understand that alcohol is not permitted on campus in common/public spaces unless served by Mount Holyoke certified staff, and will comply with the Mount Holyoke College alcohol policy, and the policies for Small Private Events: Addendum for Events with alcohol guidelines.