Outdoor Tent Requirements

Tents & EZ-ups

Tents are not permitted on the Mount Holyoke Campus except by special permission.

Awning style tents at outdoor events can provide shade cover, cover from drizzles, aesthetic appeal, and a "marketplace" or festival look to your events. The increasingly popular "EZ-up" style 10x10 tents (secured with small stakes less than 8 inches long) can be put up at a registered event without the need for a Dig-Safe permit or grounds approval so long as they meet common sense standards.  They must not block paths or roads (unless by special Campus Police arrangement). Tents cannot be left unattended. They must be secured sufficiently to avoid danger if there is any wind. Tent canopies can act like a sail quite easilly and lift your tent creating a dangerous situation.

The Office of Student Programs maintains three EZ-up tents that can be reserved for use at a registered student event, by requesting them on your Event Registration Form.

Commercial grade tents require special approval (Dig-Safe Permits, Fire Safe certificates, and clearance with campus grounds managers). More information is available on the Facilities Management site, but all requests for tents at student events should go through the Director of Student Programs.

Tent city
C.A.U.S.E. students host a "Tent City" each spring to raise awareness and funds to help combat homelessness.