Tickets & Box Office Plan

Door Sales Only

Many social events are kept less complicated by a good advertising campaign and admittance for a fee at the door only, with no advance sales. Wristbands can be used effectively for controlling the capacity at an event and for entrance to an event that allows re-entry or has multiple venues. In NO cases, should wristbands be sold in lieu of tickets prior to an event. Wristbands used for entry must be tamper-evident and applied securely by event staff at the event.
"Door sales only" works best if you are relatively confident that you have more seats in the room than expected guests, and are not dependent upon the money taken in at the door to pay show related expenses.  Other events require and/or benefit from the coordinted sales of advanced tickets.

Printing Tickets for Advanced Sale

Depending on the scale, image, and budget of your event, tickets can range from simple 'save-the-date' invitations (for free events) to counterfeit-proof hologram encrypted concert style tickets. Advance ticket sales can serve as an excellent marketing tool, creating buzz and cachet for select events. They can help to maintain capacities, and decrease dissappointments at the door of a Sold Out event. They can also help to put funds into your operating budget earlier than the night of the event. Consider offering advance tickets at a discount to heighten sales and excitement.

In all parts of the process you will need to remember to treat tickets like money. All tickets must be serially numbered for capacity control and in order to invalidate any tickets that are stolen or missing. Tickets for popular events or events charging admission, are subject to forgery with easily accessed technologies. There are several companies offering tickets with built-in safeguards. Ask for references at Student Programs.

Your organization will need to reserve and staff an info table for on-campus sales. Off campus sales can sometimes be coordinated through off-campus box office services for certain events with public appeal. Individuals or affiliated groups can also sell tickets directly to purchasers, but strict inventory controls must be in place, with a prompt reconciliation of unsold tickets and sales revenues. Consult with Student Programs before establiching any off-campus Box Office services.

Refund Policy

Your event team should be clear in advance about your ticket refund policy. Will any refunds be given? Under what circumstances? When and how? Have you printed that information on your tickets, and in your advertising? Do you have a plan and means to fullfil refunds if it becomes necessary?

Staffing Your Event Entries/ Box Office

Specific policies govern the "Front of House" (Door and Box Office) staffing of large student events and parties.