Good event planning anticipates the closing, clean-up and celebration of accomplishments related to your event. A clean-up team, defined ahead of time, will need encouragement and recognition from the planning committee to see their jobs through to completion. Many hands make light work if there are some key people offering leadership and motivation to the process - have a plan ready.

Some things to remember before calling it "done" on the night of your event.

  • Thank everyone for attending your event, and send them on their way with friendly messages that it's time to go home.
  • Clear facility of all guests. Collect Lost and Found Items to be brought to Campus Police. Be mindful of facility curfews.
  • Pay performers per contractual agreement.
  • Deposit money. Don't keep it in your room where it is vulnerable. Campus Police can escort you to the night deposit box.
  • Clean Up! - Event Sponsors are always responsible for leaving a space "generally picked up",  with all trash in proper barrels - even if you are expecting a custodial or housekeeping staff to be coming in to do the mopping an heavy cleaning for you.
  • Restore any furniture you moved to its proper location, unless you have made other arrangements with space managers.
  • Make sure everyone gets home safely and the venue is properly closed up.

Some things to remember the few days after your event.

  • Collect your deposited money from Skinner Hall on the next business day after your event for deposit to your organization’s bank account
  • Return immediately any items borrowed or rented, including the Event Tool Box and its contents.
  • Thank those people who helped with the event - remember especially the staff behind the scenes that you may never even have seen, but were none-the-less instrumental in making your event possible.

Celebrate your success.

  • Catch up on your Sleep.
  • Share photos with other planners. Post them on your org website.
  • Plan a post event dinner or gentle wrap up meeting with everyone that helped to make it happen.
  • Evaluate the event to determine its successes and ways it might be improved upon. Consider putting written notes into your org binder or archives to help the planners next time.
  • Take Credit for your accomplishments. Were your individual achievements in the planning and carrying out of this event the kind of thing that should be listed on your resume? Add it to your CDC file.