Leadership Library

Student Programs has a number of books related to leadership; both theoretic and activity guides. All are available in our office (Blanchard 327) or in the Williston Library for anyone in the MHC Community to use.

Leadership Activities:

  • 101 Ways to Make Training Active. Silberman, Mel; Lawson, Karen (1995)
  • A Beginner's Guide to Leadership Training Programs. Simons. (1988)
  • The Best of Active Training: 25 One-Day Workshops Guaranteed to Promote Involvement, Learning and Change. Silberman, Mel (Ed.). (2004)
  • The Big Book of Leadership Games: Quick, Fun Activities to Improve Communication, Increase Productivity, and Bring Out the Best in Your Employees. Deming, Vasudha K. (2004)
  • The Big Book of Presentation Games: Wake-em-up Tricks, Icebreakers, and Other Fun Stuff. Scannell, Edward; Newstrom, John. (1998)
  • Cowtails and Cobras II. A guide to Games, Initiatives, Ropes Course and Adventure Curriculum. Rohnke. (1989)
  • The Complete Ropes Course Manual. Rohnke, Tait & Wall. (1994)
  • The Encyclopedia of Group Activities: 150 Practical Designs for Successful Facilitating. Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer. (1989)
  • The Encyclopedia of Icebreakers: Structured Activities that Warm-Up, Motivate, Challenge, Acquaint and Energize. Forbess-Greene, Sue; LMSW. (1983)
  • Games Trainers Play. Newstrong & Scannell. (1980)
  • Icebreakers: A Sourcebook of Games, Exercises and Simulations. Jones, Ken. (1991)
  • Quicksilver: Adventure Games, Initiative Problems, Trust Activities and a Guide to Effective Leadership. Rohnke, Karl; Butler, Steve. (1995)

Leadership Teachings and Theories

  • 12 Choices That Lead To Your Success. Cotrell. (2005)
  • Advising Student Groups and Organizations. Dunkel. (1998)
  • Credibility. Kouzes, James M.; Posner, Barry Z. (2003).
  • Encouraging The Heart. Kouzes & Posner. (1999).
  • Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute. Blanchard, Carlos & Randolph. (1996)
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Lencioni, Patrick. (2002)
  • The Future of Leadership. Bennis, Warren; Spreitzer, Gretchen M.; Cummings, Thomas G. (Eds.). (2001)
  • How to Deal With Difficult People. Friedman, Paul. (1994)
  • Leading With Soul. Bolman & Deal. (1995)
  • Leading Without Power. De Pree. (1997)
  • Leadership. Northouse. (2004)
  • Leadership As An Art. DePree. (1989)
  • Leadership Challenge. Kouzes, James M.; Posner, Barry Z. (2002).
  • Leadership Challenge Planner. Kouzes, James M.; Posner, Barry Z. (1999).
  • Leadership For The Twenty-First Century. Rost. (1993)
  • Learning as A Way of Being. Vaill. (1996)
  • Readings for Diversity and Social Justice. Adams, Blumenfeld, Castaneda, Hackman, Peters & Zuniga. (2000)
  • Spirited Leadering and Learning. Vaill. (1998)
  • The Student Leadership Guide. Burchard. (2006)
  • Students Helping Students: A Guide for Peer Educators on College Campuses. Ender, Steven C.; Newton, Fred B. (2000)
  • Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice. Adams, Maurianne; Bell, Lee Anne; Griffin, Pat. (1997)
  • "Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?" And Other Conversations About Race. Tatum. (1997)
  • Working with Women's Groups, Volume 2. Eberhardt. (1994)