"Agents of Change" Retreat

This is a weekend immersion experience for students from all leadership types and backgrounds. The first 40 students to register will share their weekend participating in activities and exercises that will help them learn from each other, while growing as people and leaders – developing their skills as Agents of Change. Students can expect to discuss a variety of topics, some of which include values identification, teambuilding, leadership behaviors, ethical leadership, group decision making, and effective communication. All of the activities will be presented in a safe and fun learning environment. There will be time to bond with others on the retreat and utilize the recreational areas of the camp.

When: This retreat occurs every Spring. Beginning in March 2015, registrations will be accepted on a rolling basis. Completed sign up forms will be due on a date to be determined, to Blanchard 327. Check back in Spring 2015 for the sign up form!

Where: Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA Camp. All participants will travel together and leave campus at a time to be determined from the Blanchard bus stop. Meals will be provided beginning with dinner on the Friday of the retreat through Sunday lunch. We will return to campus by 3 pm on the Sunday of the retreat. Religious practices will be respected, and dietary needs will be met.

Cost: There is no cost! The retreat is coordinated and sponsored by the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Programs. Transportation is provided.

Universal Design/Accommodations: This event reflects the planning teams best efforts towards universal design, in which all participants will be able to join activities equally, or with accommodation. Please contact Erin Mosher if you have any concerns or seek certain accommodations in travel, sleeping arrangements, diet, spiritual needs, programming participation, etc.

Contact Erin Mosher, Asst Director of Student Programs (x2478) for more information.

Retreat Learning Outcomes

The students participating in the "Agents of Change: Our Common Threads" Leadership Retreat will…

  • develop a sense of commitment to campus involvement and develop an interest in becoming active members of their communities
  • develop a connection to each other
  • develop an understanding that leadership behaviors can be learned and is a life long pursuit through discussions and activities addressing the importance of personal leadership development and how it effects the groups with whom they work
  • develop an understanding of ethical leadership through values and decision making discussions and activities
  • experience teambuilding activities that support the retreat outcomes and offer suggestions for bringing it back to the groups and communities they are a part of on campus
  • develop an understanding of communication styles and dynamics and how leaders can positively and negatively influence those
  • develop an insight and awareness of how inclusion and exclusion of groups and individuals happen regularly in our lives and how as leaders and individuals it can be influenced positively and negatively
  • develop skills of empathy and engage in dialog around ethical leadership