Meet the Staff


Alicia Erwin

Assistant Dean and Director of Student Programs

Alicia Erwin supports the breadth of opportunities, programs, and resources provided by the Office of Student Programs. She supervises the office's five staff members, and as Assistant Dean represents student feedback, concerns, and ideas to the Student Life Deans. She advises the Student Government Association and the Senior Class Board as well as over-sighting recognized student organization practice and policy - including the SGA Student Business Office, Blanchard Campus Center and Chapin Auditorium, office programmatic initiatives, and co-curricular opportunities. She also collaborates with the staff team in implementing community-wide events.

Ivonne Ramirez

Assistant Director for Student Programs and Leadership

Ivonne supports all established student organizations needing development guidance, as well as individual students seeking to start a new organization on campus. In addition, she serves as the advisor to the First Year Class Board and SGA Committees such as Ways & Means, All Campus Elections, Student Conference Committee, and the Appointing Board. She is available to assist in group organization, leadership training, conflict resolution, and more.


Jaime DeCaro

Senior Administrative Assistant and Office Manager

Jaime manages the daily operations and services of the office, including the hiring, supervision and ongoing training of the student employee Office and Blanchard Information Desk staff. Jaime is responsible for office purchasing and record keeping, maintaining office and student organization databases, office communications such as the weekly Word Out! e-newsletter, managing the Campus Center vendor program, and maintaining the office Web site.

Tim Dietrick

Technical Director / Production Manager

As Technical Director, Tim oversees the operation and function of the two largest venues on campus: Blanchard Campus Center and Chapin Auditorium. He is also the Chief Operator of WMHC, managing the needs of the college's historic radio station. Tim works in tandem with the rest of the Student Programs office to advise and focus student ideas into reality-based events of any size.  

Riley Fickett

Student Event & Special Programs Coordinator

Riley mentors student event hosts in the details of event staffing and serves on our team as an on-site supervisor for large student events. She also serves as the advisor for The Network - Mount Holyoke's Programming Board - and the Sophomore and Junior Class Boards. Additionally, she is responsible for key planning and implementation of several of our signature all-campus events including No Study Zone, Pangy Day, January Intersession Social Events, Bus Trips, Fall Fest, and special programming in the Blanchard Campus Center.

Kimberly Lavoie

SGA Student Business Office Coordinator

Kim serves as the coordinator of the Student Business Office and Ways & Means Committee (funding board). She is responsible for all operations, including supervising student staff bookkeepers. She oversees the account management of distributed SGA funds, manages all transactions from student organization and residence hall accounts: making purchases, processing requests for payment, making deposits, etc., and provides student treasurer support and guidance. She responds to inquires both in person and by telephone, with students and staff in regards to funding guidelines and account processes.