Registered Student Org Directory

This is a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations. Individual organization websites are linked as available and updates are the responsibility of the student organization.

It is the responsibility of the groups to decide whether they will make their contact information public or not. If you see an Organization that you are interested in, contact Student Programs to be put in touch with them.

Dance, Movement & Recreation Organizations

Afrik Chic
As minorities on campus, it is imperative to maintain a social, as well as cultural presence in regards to our school's mission on diversity. We certainly contribute to that initiative in a cool and engaging way by exposing those less familiar with dance traditions and practices throughout the African diaspora. The goal of Afrik Chic is to spread cultural awareness of the many types of music and dance styles throughout the African Diaspora! We also aim to support collaborative efforts with other organizations whose mission or goal focuses on empowering Blackness.
Cheerleading, MHC
Box 9026
MHC Cheerleading aims to support the MHC Basketball team while bonding as a squad in our common goal to engage the spirit of the Mount Holyoke College Community. All levels of ability and experience are welcomed and encouraged to join. Above all we have fun and improve our cheerleading skills.
Chinese Dance Club
Box 9087
The mission of Chinese Dance Club is to strengthen and increase the flexibility of body, inculcate the appreciation of beauty through dance movement and to promote Chinese culture, especially that of ethnic minorities to more of the student body in MHC.
Box 9036
Jhumka is the first competitive dance team of its kind at Mount Holyoke College, fusing South Asian classical, pop, film & folk styles with ballet, jazz, hip hop and other western genres. The "jhumka" is a traditional ornament worn by women in the subcontinent, and is a symbol of femininity, maidenhood and grace. The goal of the team is to promote appreciation and understanding of different cultures through dance both on- and off-campus.
Kachimushi Naginata Club (5 College)
Box 9048
The objectives of the Club are to educate members of the Five College Community to practice Naginata, a traditional martial arts designed to foster self-development through training in the guiding principles underlying the naginata. We aim to achieve this through frequent practice, participation in tournaments, and visiting other schools and dojos.
ODotteMita (ODM)
Box 9030
This J-Pop Dance Club seeks to promote Japanese Pop Culture by performing on and off campus. We will also provide dance opportunities to members of any experience level. We strive to achieve this by holding weekly training sessions and bi-monthly dance workshops for people from the Five College Consortium.
Outing Club
Box 9084
The Outing Club seeks to cultivate and enrich Mount Holyoke students' appreciation for nature by providing accessible trips, leadership training, and community outreach in the outdoors. We believe in being all inclusive and respecting the differences of all members by striving to create an environment in which everyone feels capable and comfortable. As a club we also strongly believe in the importance of cultivating leadership and we hope to do so through sound training and having fun in the outdoors.
Rainbow Jelly Dance Club
Our purpose is to attract people who are interested in Korean pop dancing from different walks of life and bring them into one performing entity. We want to share our passion for K-pop and Korean culture. We also want to boost female empowerment through powerful and confident choreography. We perform for different club and organization events, especially Asian cultural and ethnic ones.
Raqs MHC
Box 9067
Raqs MHC provides a fun environment in which to learn Egyptian, American Cabaret, and Tribal Fusion forms of Bellydance. We offer classes, workshops and performance opportunities to all levels of abilities. The club is body positive, welcomes every weight, size, shape, color and level of experience.
Raunak Bhangra Dance Team
Box 9174
Bhangra is a traditional folk dance originating in Punjab, a region that spans both India and Pakistan. With its high energy beats, Bhangra music has often been remixed with hip-hop and rap. Raunak Bhangra was established in 2004. Since then, the team has grown stylistically with the input of our audiences and members alike. As the team continues to grow, they hope to spread the knowledge of Bhangra and its culture to the college community and around the Pioneer Valley.
Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Box 9099
The mission of the Mount Holyoke College (MHC) Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to enhance the overall student-athlete experience by maintaining a commitment to academic and athletic excellence and promoting meaningful engagement of student-athletes in the athletic, campus, and local communities.
Box 9069
MHC Taal, which was founded on the principle of empowerment through the collaboration of Mount Holyoke students of all backgrounds, is a Bollywood and Hip Hop fusion performance- based dance team on campus. Taal encourages the equal participation of all members in all aspects of the organization, including choreography, rehearsals, creative marketing, management, budgeting, performance opportunities, teamwork, and leadership. Founded by a unique interest in Bollywood and hip hop dance styles, Taal has expanded into a formal performance based team that choreographs all its own dance pieces and performs throughout the Five College Consortium. Initial interest in the fusion of Bollywood and hip hop has grown to include most recently the study of classical Indian and other dance styles. Taal includes interested students of any dance experience (be it the first time the student has ever danced in a performance setting or if the student has been dancing for years) and seeks to serve as an informal forum for transcultural, interfaith, and socio economic dialogue. In Taal, we engage in challenging yet powerful work that brings us together, and we seek to serve as an outlet for personal and academic endeavors as well as social and intellectual passions. We hope to educate the community about our principles, our process, and the dance styles we perform.