Recognized Student Org Directory

This is a complete list of all Recognized Student Organizations. Individual organization websites are linked as available and updates are the responsibility of the student organization.

It is the responsibility of the groups to decide whether they will make their contact information public or not. If you see an Organization that you are interested in, contact Student Programs to be put in touch with them.

Political & Activist Organizations

Amnesty International, Mount Holyoke Chapter
Box 9017
The Mount Holyoke College Chapter of Amnesty International aims to spread awareness about human rights violations. We also seek to bring an end to these abuses through petitions, letter writing, and attending protests. Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. Our vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.
Animal Welfare Association
Box 9046
Animal Welfare Association at Mount Holyoke College serves as a non-profit organization, strives to raise people's awareness of the rights of all animals and encourages humane treatment of all animals.
Climate Justice Coalition, MHC
Box 9130
MHC Divest seeks to redirect Mount Holyoke College's investments away from the fossil fuel industry in order to build a sustainable future by upholding Mary Lyon's vision of purposeful engagement in the world.
College Democrats
Box 9032
Today Mount Holyoke College is home to a very diverse, global, and liberal community. The objective of the Mount Holyoke College Democrats is to foster the democratic ideals and political activism already pervasive on campus. The MHC Dems seek to involve the students of Mount Holyoke College in the local, national, and state-wide campaign efforts of the Democratic Party. As an official chapter of the College Democrats of America (CDA), the MHC Dems coordinate with the CDA each year on national campaign invasions, conventions, and mass demonstrations. MHC Dems also remain active members of the College Democrats of Massachusetts and, on a more local level, coordinate 5-College Democrats activities with Smith, Amherst, and Hampshire Colleges as well as the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
College Republicans
Box 9033
To encourage conversation and debate on campus, to bring Republican and conservative speakers to campus, to educate the Mount Holyoke community on the Republican Party's platform and principals, and to provide conservative Mount Holyoke women with a political network.
Box 9028
Our mission is to help families achieve freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. Our patients did not choose to be poor, but they have chosen to strive toward a better life; MEDLIFE stands beside them in this pursuit. We aim to achieve this goal through partnering with motivated individuals in poor communities working to improve their access to MEDs: Medicine, Education and community Development. MEDLIFE believes access to quality healthcare is a basic human right. To this end, we commit our time, resources, knowledge and hope to bring Medicine, Education and Development to Low Income Families Everywhere.
Model United Nations (MUN)
Box 9072
MHC Model United Nations is part of the larger MUN intercollegiate circuit. On campus, our mission is to prepare our members with speaking, writing, and negotiation skills for them to be able to compete in national conferences. We do that through two weekly trainings. The first happens during the week where we pinpoint specific skills needed to be successful delegates. Then, on Sundays we simulate how a real Model UN committee is run, in which our members can use the skills they've acquired to solve national and international issues. We also co-host the Five College Model United Nations Conference each year along with the MUN clubs in the consortium. FCMUN happens on the MHC campus, so we get to interact with delegates who travel from across the US. In addition to our activities and trainings with our members, we host panels and events that are open to the community. The skills acquired in MUN are translatable to our lives at Mount Holyoke and beyond.
Roosevelt @ Mount Holyoke College
Box 9045
Roosevelt at MHC is the Mount Holyoke chapter of a national cohort called the Roosevelt Institute. Roosevelt is dedicated to bringing together thinkers and doers. It aims to reimagine the rules that guide our social and economic realities. In short: we write policy and facilitate discussion that prompts change of the state of the world we're in. We note a problem, and we bring the solutions.
Students for a Free Tibet
Box 9102
The Mount Holyoke College SFT chapter aims to raise awareness about the Tibetan culture, community, and politics that is especially relevant in today's world. While we hold events geared more towards the political struggle in Tibet, we also have events that present a side of Tibet that commonly gets lost within the politics that has surrounded the country. We have events that expose the Mount Holyoke College community to our food, music, lifestyle, and way of living. In doing so, we hope that we can bring attention to the many other things that any culture is made up of. We hope to continue sharing what we know and love with the Mount Holyoke community.
Students for Zero Waste
Box 9054
Students for Zero Waste organization strives to foster a more sustainable campus by reducing waste and working to educate the student body.
Think Outside the Bottle
Box 9100
We are the Mount Holyoke College chapter of Think Outside the Bottle, a national campaign to challenge corporate commodification and privatization of water. Our mission is: to promote water as a basic human right for all, support reinvestment in and access to healthy public water systems, and raise awareness of global and domestic water issues. By exposing the harsh reality behind bottled water and collaborating with the campus community, we aim to make Mount Holyoke College bottled-water-free.