End of Year Org Checklists

After Spring Break each year, Orgs begin to think about how to make a smooth transition to the next academic year. Below are pointers to help you through that process.


  • Consult with your constitution, your Org leaders and advisor(s) to outline your strategy for choosing new officers.
  • Review your goals from current year and assess whether you've accomplished them all
  • Review and revise your constitution if needed, and send any updated version to the Office of Student Programs
  • Brainstorm your fiscal needs for the year ahead so your Treasurer can be prepared to apply for SGA funding
  • Gather all receipts and other financial paperwork so your Treasurer will be prepared for audits
  • As a group, decide whether you have any materials you'd liked to have added to MHC Archives 
  • Return all items borrowed from departments/offices (Student Programs, LITS, Athletics, Cultural Houses, etc)


  • Org Audits with your Ways and Means representative are scheduled during Reading Periods each semester
  • SGA Business Office closes the last day of classes 
    • Don't wait until the last minute! Lines are very long
    • No funds can be accessed after this date. Exceptions require prior approval from the Business Office Coordinator. Plan ahead!
    • Your Org must complete all business, pay all bills, and complete all transactions prior to the close of the SGA Business Office 
  • Complete the MHC Student Organization Registration Form online form by the deadline (usually mid-May)
  • Clean up your Org belongings in the Org Resource Room, Blanchard 108, by the end of Reading Period
    • Each Org can have up to 2 containers labeled with the Org's name in the Resource Room
    • Unlabeled items or items exceeding 2 boxes may be discarded