Required Briefings

2013 Session

Each September, the Office of Student Programs hosts a mandatory orientation session for Student Organizations. A minimum of two leaders from every Organization wishing to participate on campus in the year ahead must attend one of the 1.5-hour sessions. For ease of scheduling, Student Programs conducts two of these sessions, although Organization leaders only need to attend one of them.  Annual Registration Renewal Forms are distributed at these sessions.

Required Briefings Sessions:

Thursday, September 12th, 4:30-6pm, Hooker Auditorium
Wednesday, September 18th, 6:30-8pm, Hooker Auditorium

Annual Registration

In September all organizations must update their Annual Registration forms and complete the following:

  1. The Registration Form: which allows Orgs to update Officer and contact changes.
  2. Massachusetts Law Prohibiting Hazing/MHC Anti-Hazing Form: which is required by both Massachusetts State Law and MHC Policy. All members must sign this form when the organization is formed and at the start of each fall semester.
  3. The Campus Account Authorization Form: This form activates your Organization's Campus Account, allowing your Organization to pay any outstanding bills or utilize any available funds your Organization may have. Campus Accounts numbers are required for requesting any service or making any facility reservation, and all transactions are handled through the SGA Business Office. Two Authorized Signers from each Organization (the Treasurer and one other member) will be required to attend a training session before the Authorization Form will be processed. Information about this training session will be announced at the Required Briefings session.
  4. MHC Fleet Authorization Form (optional): Organizations can authorize Fleet licensed members to schedule and drive a college vehicle for organization business. The Fleet Vehicle Office can advise about liability.