Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live (FNL) is a special programming segment of The Office of Student Programs that invites registered student organizations and departments on campus to partner in programming all-campus events on Friday evenings of the academic calendar.  All registered Mount Holyoke College student organizations and departments are welcome to propose an idea for co-sponsoring an event with the Office of Student Programs, and may also apply for FNL funding.

If you are interested in co-sponsoring a FNL event on campus, and your proposal meets the criteria outlined below please contact the Office of Student Programs (327 Blanchard Campus Center). Proposals are reviewed on a rolling submissions basis. Programs will be selected, providing they meet the guidelines of the series, on the basis that they help create a diverse array of programming over the course of the academic year.

FNL Guidelines

  • FNL is an entertainment series held on Friday nights chiefly between 8:00pm - 10:30pm in the Blanchard Campus Center Great Room. Occasionally events are held in Chapin, or other venues, or at different times.
  • Programs are generally more “entertainment” oriented rather than “academic” in nature, but can merge the two.
  • Co-sponsors accept responsibility for organizing and implementing the proposed events with assistance from the Office of Student Programs. Typically, the Office of Student Programs contributes some funding to enhance sponsor resources. The co-sponsoring organization supplies most of the people-power to create and staff the event, as well as the “street team” to publicize the date/event on campus.
  • The Office of Student Programs can also assist in finding other interested organizations or individuals to collaborate on an idea so that there are more human and financial resources available.
  • There should be at the very least 4 or more motivated folks on the programming “team.”
  • Student Organizations may also apply to perform for an FNL event.

For more information about FNL, please call ext. 2655 or e-mail the  Office of Student Programs Event Staff.