No Study Zone

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 ~ NO STUDY ZONE XV

6-8pm, Chapin Auditorium

Free for all MHC Students! Hosted by fabulous MHC Staff & Faculty!

Launched in December 2001, 'No Study Zone', billed as "the de-stressor event of the year" has delivered enormous amount of fun to students, staff, and faculty alike. Typically held on the last day of classes in the Fall semester, this is a free event for MHC students, hosted by staff and faculty. Students are encouraged to take a break from studying and come play and relax in Chapin Auditorium for an evening. Past events have included inflatable bouncy huts and jousting rings, hula hoops, dancing, crafts, karaoke, board games, massages, poker tables, make-your-own aromatherapy, finger painting, the screamerator, and "beat it out like a rock star".

Come enjoy a night of stress-free fun! No books allowed!

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