Pangy Day

Photo of a group of students celebrating Pangy Day with flowers in their hair


Q. What causes the campus to erupt in a flurry of festivity, energy and enthusiasm after a New England winter?
A. Pangynaskeia Day, or Pangy Day for short
A springtime tradition at Mount Holyoke for more than 20 years, Pangy day is filled with food, fun and festivities and is often referred to as “the best day ever at MHC”.

Wait, how do you pronounce it?

A little something like this: “pawn goon ah SKAY ah.” (With a little practice, it really rolls off the tongue.)

What is Pangy Day all about?

The story behind Pangynaskeia Day, which is held on the last Friday of classes in the spring semester, is nearly as long as its name. It is a celebration of the "world of women," and the Mount Holyoke community comes out in force to celebrate.

Photo of students dancing around the maypole

Pangy Day is about celebrating spring

You know you’re a Mount Holyoke student when, as the spring semester nears to a close and final exams loom, you start getting excited for Pangy Day. By putting it on your calendar. Mentioning it on social media. Digging out a favorite lawn blanket or chair.

Students sliding on a hose run during Pangy Day 2017

Pangy Day includes an all-College picnic on Pageant Green, below Gettell Amphitheater, where food and flowers are shared. From the picnic students head up to Skinner Green where they find a Ritual Maypole and Spiral Dance with colorful ribbons waiting to be braided. There’s music, games, face-painting and ice cream. There’s merriment and spreading of blankets for sitting and chatting and kicking back. There’s Frisbee-throwing and a sea of daisies. It’s part Earth Day, part May Day, part spring-fever-inspired fun.

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Split photo of students celebratin Pangy Day in 1980 and 2015

The history of Pangy Day

The story behind Pangynaskeia Day is nearly as long as its name, and depends on who you ask.
Image of students at Convocation.

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