Recognized Student Organizations (RSO's)

The Office of Student Programs and the Student Government Association (SGA) work in collaboration to support the efforts of upwards of 120 recognized student organizations (RSO's) each year. Student Organizations contribute powerfully to the vibrant co-curricular life of Mount Holyoke College and represent an incredibly diverse array of community interests. Student Programs registers and advises student organizations, while the SGA provides much of the funding and political representations for these groups.

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Upon completion of the registration process, RSOs are entitled to:

  • Official recognition as an MHC Student Organization
    • Use of the Mount Holyoke College name in accordance with College guidelines
    • Listing on the MHC website RSO Directory
    • Access to the resources and professional support of the Office of Student Programs
  • Apply for SGA Ways and Means allocated funding
    • Easy Org account banking through the SGA Business Office
    • Opportunities for regular (operational) and event funding 
    • Ability to purchase some items, tax exempt, for Organization purposes
    • Assistance with credit card purchases for Org business
  • Utilize campus resources
    • Reserve campus spaces for meetings and events
    • Request event services
    • Use of MHC Fleet Vehicles for organization purposes (pending appropriate driver certifications)
    • Access to professional risk management advising
    • MHC hosted Organization web page space
    • Arrange for tables, banners, and displays in the Campus Center
    • Use of an Organization mail box
  • Recruitment and Promotions
    • Participate in the annual Org Fair at the beginning of each semester
    • Recruit other students for membership in your Org
    • Approval to flyer on campus (must meet guidelines)
    • Inclusion of Org registered events in Word Out! e-newsletter
  • Miscellaneous
    • Use of Student Programs resources such as BJs membership card, buttonmaker
    • Option to archive Org history with College Archives
    • Opportunities to apply for Five College Student Activities funding

RSOs are expected to meet the following requirements to remain in good standing with the College:

  • Complete annual registration process (including forms and trainings):
    • By Thursday October 1st, 2015 (or by September 25th if applying to Contingency Funding) for Fall semester
    • By February 2016 (TBA) for Spring semester start-up
  • Adhere to college policies and procedures
  • Conduct business in accordance with the MHC Honor Code
  • Observe all local, state and federal laws as well as the Standards of Social Conduct of Mount Holyoke College
  • Be knowledgeable of, and comply with all elements of the Massachusetts Anti-Hazing Statute - Mass Gen. L. Ch 269, sections 17, 18, and 19.
  • Refrain from all partisan election campaigning on campus, or with campus funded resources. (Ask in Student Programs for assistance with voter/election initiatives)
  • Maintain a current constitution on file with Student Programs that includes an anti-discriminatory clause pertaining to Federal Law (SA-302):
    • Membership in organizations must be open to all persons without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual preference, age, marital status, citizenship or handicap
    • Plan & conduct activities that further the group's purpose as stated in your constitution and mission statements
  • Org financial responsibility
    • Follow SGA Business Office guidelines and regulations
    • Meet all financial obligations in a timely manner
    • Ethical and responsible use of funds
      • Org money cannot be committed in excess of current available funds in Org account
  • Register all campus events with the Office of Student Programs
    • Seek event advising for new initiatives, high-risk activities, and those that anticipate a significant audience