Why Join an Org?

From day one on campus, students are encouraged to get involved, ultimately shaping our campus culture. Student organizations serve a variety of roles at Mount Holyoke College. They are responsible for the majority of the activities and events that take place at MHC. Overall, these events celebrate the depth and breadth of our diverse community, and most of all they benefit YOU, the students.

  • Helps develop friendships
  • Improves relationships and fosters closer ties with faculty
  • Compliments and reinforces classroom learning
  • Teaches self-discipline, initiative, leadership and responsibility
  • Acts as an arena for testing beliefs, values, attitudes and morals
  • Exposes the community to differing, diverse, and conflicting viewpoints
  • Provides support for students with common needs or interests
  • Plans major events which benefit and unite the entire campus community
  • Broadens the perspectives of the community in areas of diversity
  • Improves ties for careers and professions outside of Mount Holyoke College

These activities also provide the social and leadership foundations that will serve you for the rest of your lives. And since today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens, the impact which campus activities and the entire educational process have on you as an individual later benefits society as a whole.

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