Officer Transitions

Most student organizations hold internal elections, which means that voting is open only to current members of the group. This process is entirely separate from the All-Campus Elections that occur every year to elect SGA and Class Board members. What follows are three methods for conducting internal elections, which may be useful if there is not an established process in place.

Method 1.

Application and Interview:
Interested candidates complete an application and current group members conduct informal interviews and then vote.

Method 2.

Application and Voting over Email:
This method may be useful if the organization does not meet often or many people have a conflict with the meeting time. Make applications available to interested candidates with a deadline for completion. Then set up a distribution list of all voting members of the group. Have the candidates post their responses to the questions, or select one member of the group to collect and post all responses. Voting members then have a set amount of time to send in their votes to one person who will tally votes.

Method 3.

Small Group Agreement:
Often, evolution of org officers seems obvious and may not require elections. It’s still wise to put it to the group for a vote of confidence.

The new officers that your Student Org selects should be the people listed on the annual Org Registration Form that Student Programs sends out each April. For guidance and/or assistance with general elections, please contact the Office of Student Programs.