Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Process

All student organizations must be fully recognized (registered) with the Office of Student Programs annually. The recognition process is opened to all currently recognized student organizations (RSOs) at the end of the spring semester for the following academic year. Once the RSO is recognized, access is granted to campus services and resources,  including the ability to hold events and access funds. Organizations that are not currently recognized, students looking to start an organization, and inactive organizations should email the Office of Student Programs.

If an RSO fails to complete the recognition process, they are placed on inactive status for that academic year. After two years of failure to be recognized, the organization will be listed as defunct. Please contact the Office of Student Programs for any questions.

Please visit our Recognition and Training Site to complete the process. For more information on organization statuses, benefits of recognition, etc. see the Student Organization Handbook.

Make sure you keep us updated on the contact information for your organization! Officers can update student organization information on the following form.