Authorized Signers Training

Mandatory authorized signers training sessions for all MHC Student Organizations. All Student Organizations with a campus account must send their elected Treasurer and one other Authorized Signer to one of the two sessions to establish their Organization's banking privileges for the academic year.

We will be having a make-up session for the Spring semester on Tuesday, January 28th from 4:45-5:45pm in Dwight 101.  This session is for any new Treasurer and/or Authorized Signer, for anyone who was unable to attend the fall trainings, or for anyone who'd like a refresher. 

No RSVP is required, please bring a pen and notebook.

  • All MHC Student Organizations/Residence Halls are required to use the SGA Business Office for all banking needs, whether they receive SGA funding or not.
  • Organizations will not have access to their funding through the Business Office if they do not attend the Treasurer/Authorized Signers Training.
  • These sessions are sponsored by the Office of Student Programs and the SGA. The SGA Treasurer and a staff member of the Business Office will be present at all sessions.