Action Project

A vital part of Take the Lead is the action project. Before arriving at Mount Holyoke, you will identify an issue that you care about. During the weekend, you’ll attend dynamic workshops on public speaking, mentoring, publicity strategies, community organizing, leadership styles, and fundraising. With the help of your leadership mentor and hands on presentations, you’ll plan an action project that addresses the issue you are passionate about. 

The skills and experience obtained will prepare the way for making your project a reality upon returning home. Projects completed within six months will be eligible for one of three $500 action project cash awards and a certificate will be sent to the award winners and honorable mentions.

"The biggest thing for girls my age is that they are overwhelmed by the workload involved in starting a project. Mount Holyoke really empowered us with the idea that we do have the ability to pull off a project that is bigger than just one or two people--one that involves the whole community." —Alison Rogers, Take the Lead participant