Amira Valliani

Spreading Political Awareness Amoung Youth
In California, Amira Valliani's project aimed at spreading political awareness among youth is still active. Upon returning home from Take the Lead, she immediately got busy with the presidential election, working with her school's chapter of the Junior Statesmen (JSA) to hold several successful school events. Activities included a mock presidential debate, mock election, and a "Pizza and Politics" event that drew 80 students.

The events garnered great publicity in her school newsletter and the national JSA newspaper. Amira is most pleased, however, with the permanency of the events' effects on the student body, as attendnance to JSA events has increased more than 500% from previous years and more than 20% of the student body has attended at least one event. This success has prompted her to expand her project to the wider community.

Currently, she is in the early stages of organizing a concert for political awareness that she hopes to hold in San Jose. She's already networked with groups at local colleges to spread the word about the event.