Award Winners

Catherine Aker
Established an after-school program called The Stone Soup Kitchen to teach children living in a homeless shelter about nutrition

Eleanor Davies
Raised awareness about the global impact of oral health with her program Miles of Smiles

Maya Mason
Raised $1,900 to fund higher education for women in Bangladesh

Natalia Thompson
Founded Madison SOS (Speak Out, Sister!), a citywide initiative to unite high school girls in action on local social justice issues

Hadley Nagel
Raised awareness about James Madison

Margaret Lazzarini
Created Connect, a school club that brings high school students to elders who are eager to learn more about the Internet and computers

Alex Abend
Organized a stigma-free Autism Family Night at T.G.I. Friday's

Elizabeth "Jane" Handel
Increased literacy and strengthened family bonds in prisons with a A Book from Mom and A Book from Dad

Alison Rogers
Founded SMILE to improve quality of life for residents of an assisted-living facility

Emilie Kimball
Raised $26,000 for women-owned microbusinesses in Ghana

Laura Marrin
Organized a weeklong, free summer camp to offer safety and fun to children who witness domestic violence

Elyse "Vyvy" Trinh
Raised nearly $14,000 to aid refugees in Sudan through a monthlong focus on Darfur

Shaina Muñoz
Created and taught an elective class targeting diversity for high school students

Suzanne Chipkin
Tutored Somali refugees

Amira Valliani
Spread political awareness among youth

Anne Rhett
Established an after-school art class for children in Charleston

Siobhan Thomas-Smith
Elevated the status of women at her school by helping organize a schoolwide effort to end a Girls' Fantasy League

Katherine Ball
Organized the first ACT (Active and Compassionate Teens) Conference for Social Justice

Caitlin Gorski
Organized Boston's first job fair for the homeless

Hannah Underdahl
Cofounded a branch of SADD at her high school

Susan Sparrow
Organized an effort to get a state law passed in Utah to study gender equity in pay

Shanté Bassett
Changed people's image of teenagers through community service

Sarah Ann Geisler
Helped children of sick or disabled parents know they are not alone

Anna Broughton Boatwright
Brought weekly ballet classes to underprivileged children at an urban YMCA

Heidi Roop
Raised funds for school supplies in Mexico while raising awareness about monarch extinction

Lisa Hunter
Developed and presented an antihomophobia training program for high school teachers

Marika Joyce Hashimoto
Raised awareness of culture and identity through the written word

Lindsay Mecca
Wrote a play to speak out against capital punishment