Eleanor Davies

Raised Awareness About the Global Impact of Oral Health

Eleanor Davies has motivated her community to join her in her vision to address the need for dental hygiene in developing countries. With her project, Miles of Smiles, Eleanor has brought awareness to the impact of oral health on the general health of individuals and to the unfortunate reality that oral health is one of the most neglected issues globally. Her vision is to raise awareness by involving her surrounding communities in the distribution of dental kits to poor, developing countries. Dental kits are assembled with the donation of dental care packages received at dental visits (which are usually left unused or just tossed away). Eleanor has established a relationship with MEDICO, an agency that sends dental supplies and dentists to the poorest regions in Nicaragua and Honduras. This agency has provided Eleanor with advice, support, materials, newsletters, brochures, and other materials to help raise awareness. In addition, the agency has agreed to receive the collected supplies and distribute them in schools in Nicaragua. Miles of Smiles was also recognized as Charity of the Month.