Shaina Muñoz

Creating a Class about Diversity
Shaina Muñoz has created an elective diversity class at her high school, Hathaway Brown School, in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The year-long seminar will be offered next year, and the course is designed to heighten one’s personal awareness, while exploring the differences and similarities of others.

Shaina will co-teach the class next year and is creating its curriculum during the summer. To have the class accepted at her private school, Shaina presented it to Hathaway Brown’s Board of Trustees, conducted student and faculty forums, and led a series of workshops. She also developed a course proposal. Student enrollment has already begun for the new class, which will focus on understanding social identifiers such as race and class through readings, videos, speakers, and hands-on experiences. During the second semester, students will have the opportunity to complete a project on a specific topic of interest.

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