Consultation and Syllabus Design

What is a consultation?

Consultations and conversations are confidential and can include any area of interest within teaching and learning. Consider bringing your syllabus, recent teaching evaluations, or a recent interaction from class to discuss. You might want to have a brainstorming session with a small group of colleagues. Call to schedule an appointment.  

What topics might we explore?

  • Syllabus Design Consult

A syllabus design consultation is an opportunity to review and improve an existing course or design a new course. You might want a second reader to examine alignment between course goals and assignments, workload, or other aspects of your course design. You might be looking for advice in various areas including Syllabus Statements, trigger warnings, accessibility, or civility in the classroom. We also have resources on this website toward that goal.

  • Mid-semester Evaluation Consult

If you have questions about the mid-semester evaluation process, or want to talk about and understand the results and discuss ways to make mid-semester adjustments in order to enhance students learning and teaching success. We offer these templates for you to download and adjust for your own use. You might find it helpful to discuss what you learn with someone else.

  • General Teaching and Learning Consult

Some common areas for discussion include: ways to engage students in discussion or increase student participation, diversity and inclusion, ways to modify assignments that are not working as well as you would like, the use of technology, ways to manage disruptive behavior, or any new initiative.

  • Technology Consult

Find out more about technology support for teaching including media and library research, contact or your RIS liaison.

We can also provide you with examples of ways faculty have effectively used blended learning or other technology-supported strategies in class.