Faculty Development

New Faculty Mentoring Program

New faculty are offered a yearlong program of workshops, mixers, and information sessions designed to improve their teaching, increase their knowledge about the College, and strengthen their sense of community. These begin even before the first day of classes, with the opportunity to receive feedback on syllabi. At the culmination of their first year, faculty are supported in their development with a customized mentoring plan that emphasizes intentional engagement with people and resources on and off campus (including within the Five College Consortium) and within their professional disciplinary communities (e.g., at annual conferences). During and after the first year, new faculty—as well as other faculty—can participate in ongoing opportunities related to the craft of teaching and in other forms of professional development.

Faculty Development Retreats and Workshops

Workshops featuring work-life balance and the Five College Intergroup Dialogue Initiative, in which staff and faculty learn to lead dialogues on race/ethnicity, class/rank, gender, and other diversity-related topics.

If you have suggestions for retreats and workshops, let us know.

For upcoming and recent retreats and workshops, see Events page.