Talking About Teaching Lunches

Throughout the semester, the Teaching & Learning Initiative sponsors a series of lunch discussions focused on pedagogy. Lunch is provided and the discussion takes place in the Dwight Lounge, 12-1pm, unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Talking About Teaching Lunches can be found on the TLI event page.

See the past events page for an archive.

Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows program provides MHC faculty with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the literature on pedagogical innovation and best teaching practices, while also making an original contribution to the literature themselves. Fellows undertake a teaching as research project that will help the Fellow and other faculty better understand how a particular teaching approach, method, or tool can enhance undergraduate learning. Moreover, the Fellow will have the opportunity to develop, write, and workshop an original contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Over the course of the year, each Fellow will attend monthly meetings to discuss their teaching-as-research project with the other Faculty Fellow, the TLI Director, and other relevant staff. Fellows will share the completed project through the May Teaching & Scholarship Renewal workshop at MHC, as well as at least one larger academic conference, such as the Cornell Teaching as Research conference (in June 2018). Fellows also serve as leaders within the Teaching & Learning Initiative, attending Talking About Teaching lunches and fielding inquiries from interested colleagues.

Eligibility: Full-time Mount Holyoke faculty teaching courses during the 2017-2018 academic year


  1. CV
  2. Project proposal (no more than 750 words. Proposals should include an abstract; data/evidence collection plans, preliminary bibliography/resources). Be sure to include courses to be taught during the Fellowship period.

Stipend: $5,000

Due date: September 15, 2017

Send applications and direct questions to Prof. Liz Markovits (

For more information/resources:

Open Classrooms Week

Please join us for Open Classrooms Week! February 26- March 1, 2018

During Open Classrooms, a number of MHC faculty will open their classrooms to us all, creating opportunities for conversations about teaching and learning across disciplines. This week is a great opportunity to explore new pedagogies, check out technologies and materials, and reflect on our own practices in the classroom.

The open classrooms listing includes various tags so you can check out things that most appeal to you. Please be sure to sign up so faculty know how many guests to expect. 

The week culminates in the March 1st Faculty Awards Ceremony, where we can celebrate all the amazing work done in MHC classrooms, while toasting our new award winners.

We will also have a follow-up discussion on Monday, March 5th, 12:00-1:30pm. Lunch provided!

Participation in Open Classroom Week:

Visit a classroom: faculty who are interested in visiting a classroom register here: Registration Form Link *note: you will need to first respond to your email invite from Feb 6 for the SCHED app in order to complete registration*


Teaching Renewal Week

Each May, the Teaching & Learning Initiative sponsors a series of workshops for faculty to take a break and deepen their practice as educators. The workshops emphasize innovative and high impact teaching practices. Topics range from teaching writing to backwards course design to using technology in student projects to designing inclusive syllabi to object- and team-based learning.  The 2017 program was held May 15-17, 2017. 

Save the date for the 2018 Program which will be May 14-16, 2018!

Other Workshops

Keep an eye on our Events page!


What is a consultation?

Consultations are confidential and can include any area of interest within teaching and learning. Consider bringing your syllabus, recent teaching evaluations, or a recent interaction from class to discuss.