Advising Resources

As a starting point, if you have a question about academic advising at the College, feel free to contact Becky Packard; a Class Advisor Luigi Solla, Kim Parent; or Class Dean Leah Glasser; or the Dean of Studies Geoff Sumi.

For Graduate school advising, please contact Christine Overstreet (for general graduate school advise), Pam Matheson (for pre-health), Meghan Godorov (for pre-law), or your department office for more information at the major level.

Advising Tips for Faculty Advisors: Guided by research-backed best practices, this document is designed for advisors of new students. Learn more about the initial group meeting, the first meeting, and the second follow-up meeting. Sample questions and comments are provided.

Time-Effective Strategies for Improving Faculty-Student Interaction: Guided by research-backed best practices, Taking Action 1 and Taking Action 2 these documents describe written and spoken techniques that you can start using today!

Teaching Resources

If you have a question about teaching, you can call upon any of the folks listed below.

Who do I contact to…?

  • Ask general teaching questions, learn about resources, hear about special workshops and gatherings, or ask for confidential consultations about teaching or advising: Becky Packard, Teaching and Learning Initiatives in the Weissman Center.
  • Find out more about technology support for teaching including media and library research, contact or your RIS liaison.
  • Find out more about support for teaching a First Year Seminar, including a syllabi library: Geoff Sumi, Dean of Studies and Director of the First Year Seminar Program.
  • Report an Honor Code Violation or ask questions about the honor code: Cerri Banks, Dean of the College.
  • Ask about a student in distress: You can submit a midsemester report in ISIS, contact the Class Deans Office Geoff Sumi, Dean of Studies; Luigi Solla, First Years Class Advisor; Kim Parent, Sophomores and Juniors Class Advisor; Leah Glasser, Dean of Seniors; or contact Beth Feeney, Director of the Counseling Center.
  • Find out about disability services, such as providing accommodations including extended time or notetaking: Deborah Cohen, AccessAbility Services.
  • Gain resources for me in my teaching of multi-lingual students or for my students who are multi-lingual speakers: Mark Shea, Coordinator of English Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Learn more about how to effectively teach writing in my class or learn more about working with a Speaking, Arguing, and Writing mentor in my class: Amy Martin, Faculty Advisor to SAW.
  • Learn more about the SAW program where students can improve their speaking and writing: Kimberly Jeffers, SAW Administrative Coordinator.
  • Learn more about the Language Resource Center in Ciruiti for World Language Instruction.
  • Learn more about ways to partner with a community organization or school as part of your class: Alan Bloomgarden, Director of Community Engagement and the Community-based Learning Program.
  • Learn more about the Nexus Program: Eleanor Townsley, Associate Dean of Faculty.
  • Schedule class visits to the Art Museum and other faculty education opportunities: Ellen Alvord, Coordinator of Academic Affairs.

Is your question not listed here? Contact Becky Packard and we’ll find out!