Teaching Initiatives

An array of teaching and learning services are offered:

One-on-One Confidential Conversations about Teaching

Bring your syllabus or recent teaching evaluations, or come to have a conversation about a recent class. Call for drop-in hours or schedule an appointment.

Midsemester Evaluation Support

Take advantage of a practice that is likely to improve your course! Providing students a chance to voice their experience in your course at the mid-semester can deepen students' investment and engagement when they see that you value their learning experience. (Students do not have to save up their issues to share in the end of semester course evaluation. Minor issues, with no avenue for venting, can become unduly magnified.)

Typically you distribute a mid-semester evaluation in class, requesting no names. The next class period, the instructor reports back to the students what was learned, what you will change and why, and what you will not change and why. For example, an instructor might learn that some students like small group discussion every class period whereas others do not. It can be instructive for the whole class to know the variability in perspective and why you think this practice contributes to their learning. If you have questions about this process, or want to talk about your results, please contact me. Feel free to adapt a template below, or simply ask students to write on a sheet of paper answers to a couple of questions you have for them.

Faculty Seminars and Retreats

Workshops and retreats have focused on Writing and Pedagogy, First-Year Seminars, Global Conferencing, and Community-Engaged Scholarship.

For upcoming and recent retreats and workshops, see Events page.

Resources and Questions

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