Academic Advising

All new Mount Holyoke students are assigned a faculty advisor, who can offer guidance about selecting courses and creating an academic plan. You will receive information about your advising assignment when spring orientation begins. Be a good advisee. Ask questions. Know your options. Talk to your advisor about your interests and goals.

Your first faculty advisor is your premajor advisor. Until you declare your major, you and your premajor advisor should discuss the range of academic options available to you. She or he may suggest that you seek additional advice from specific department chairs or faculty members.

When do I meet my advisor?

You'll meet with your faculty advisor several times during the academic year. The first time is during Orientation. At this first meeting, you'll discuss the courses for which you preregistered. Students frequently change their schedules based on advice they receive.

  • Note: Be sure to schedule a second meeting with your faculty advisor prior to the end of the add/drop period published on the academic calendar.

After these initial meetings, you should schedule follow-up appointments during midsemester and also during the November and April advising periods, when you select courses for the upcoming semester. As new academic interests evolve, be sure to discuss them with your advisor.