The teacher licensure programs at Mount Holyoke enable students to apply for a Massachusetts (and NASDTEC Interstate Contract) "initial" license in the following areas:

  • Early childhood education (PreK–2)
  • Elementary education (1–6)
  • Biology teacher (5–8) and (8–12)
  • English teacher (8–12)
  • History teacher (5–8) and (8–12)
  • Mathematics teacher (5–8) and (8–12)
  • Earth science (5–8) and (8–12)
  • French (5–12), German (5–12)
  • Italian (5–12), Spanish (5–12)
  • Russian (5–12)
  • Latin and classical humanities (5–12)
  • Music (all levels)
  • Political science (5–8) and (8–12)
  • Visual art (PreK–8) and (5–12)

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in teaching, you should consult with faculty in the psychology and education department early in your first year in order to plan a course of study. While at Mount Holyoke, you can meet the requirements of a teaching license within your four years of liberal arts course work, but you should plan your courses carefully. During Orientation, there will be a special session entitled "Preparing for Careers in Education" during which faculty will be available to answer any questions you may have. Check the location of this session when you receive your Orientation Packet.

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