Language Questionnaires

All students who wish to study French, German, Spanish, Latin, or Russian at Mount Holyoke must complete a Language Proficiency Questionnaire (see below). This information is needed to place you in the course that is most appropriate for you. 

If you wish to study French, German, Italian, Latin, or Spanish, be sure to take the appropriate placement exam (see below):

Language Questionnaires and Placement Exams

  • French - Placement Exam and Instructions
  • German - Questionnaire and Placement Exam
  • Italian - no questionnare or exam
  • Latin - Placement Exam
  • Russian - no questionnare or exam
  • Spanish - Placement Exam

Foreign Language Departments and Contacts

Also, it is important to read each department's course information carefully. Please see below for a listing of the Foreign Language departments and their contacts if you should have any questions:

Department Web Site Faculty Name and Email
Asian Studies Naoko Nemoto
Classics Ombretta Frau
French Catherine LeGouis
German Studies Karen Remmler
Italian Ombretta Frau
Russian Edwina Cruise
Spanish Esther Castro Cuenca